"My daughter has been a student of Vykki Vox since she was 9 years old. Vykki is the kind of vocal coach who helps her students develop their vocal skills to the best of their abilities. She has supported my daughter by letting her explore different music genres without judgment and encouraging her to write and perform her own original music. Vykki is a great vocal instructor and mentor. If you are looking for an awesome vocal coach, look no further. We have had nothing but a positive experience!"

~Katherine B. (parent of teen student)

"I’ve been singing with Vykki for several years now. She’s guided me to improved tone, range, and stamina. Vykki uses technical instruction and also helps me seek the “feelings” that make my songs more musical. She has introduced me to many performance opportunities – both solo and in bands. Singing with Vykki has been life changing and therapeutic. Her studio in Sudbury MA is warm and welcoming."

~Barb M. (adult student)

"Not only is Vykki a masterful vocalist, but she’s a fantastic teacher as well. With a positive and friendly attitude, she helped me to understand how to use my voice in a powerful and dynamic way. The years I spent learning from her were crucial in shaping me into the musician I am today."

~Steve L. (frontman/guitarist for metal band, Dyhanna)

"I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to Vykki Vox. She gave me my singing voice back after completely losing it in a stroke and 3 years later I'm going to Berklee College of Music and I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without her. She was patient and worked with such a unique case, and she encouraged me every step of the way. When I first met her I couldn't sing at all, and I relearned with her help literally note by note. She truly cares about each one of her students. I wholeheartedly recommend Vykki as a vocal coach, she is one of a kind!!"

~Valerie G. (established adult singer recovering from stroke)

"Your lessons and advice will stay with me forever."

~Laura (teen student)

"Vykki has helped me achieve personal goals I never thought possible."

~Donna B. (adult student)

"My daughter (Ashley) has taken voice lessons from Vykki for the past several years and I have seen amazing growth in her skills.  Vykki pushed her to each new level as she was ready.  Vykki was a huge advocate for my daughter, getting her the opportunity to play at Orange Leaf on Friday nights, and recommending her for the “Student Spotlight” at her music school.  When my daughter was asked to be the lead singer for an Ensemble, Vykki encouraged her and gave her the confidence to do it.  Vykki is a consummate professional, providing notes after each lesson and is also so very kind.  She truly cares about her students. I would very much recommend Vykki to anyone looking for voice instruction."

~Lisa K (parent of teen)

I have been taking lessons with Vykki for many years. I am a late bloomer when it comes to singing lead vocals. I spent my childhood and young adult life singing in choirs, but never took a solo or was front and center. Vykki taught me to overcome my stage fright and just feel the music and let it flow out of me. I've learned great vocal warm up and breathing techniques, how to project my voice without harming my vocal chords, how to really listen to the lyrics I'm singing and "tell the story". I have gained so much stage confidence from working with Vykki and now I really have fun singing. I would highly recommend her proven teaching methods.

~MJ (adult student)

I've been taking lessons with Vykki for over a year and she has helped me so much in my growth as a musician, songwriter and vocalist. I've increased my vocal range and learned how to warm up properly. Before I was really shy and embarrassed to sing in my head voice and working with Vykki has given me the confidence and determination to go in front of large audiences and perform. She's such a role model for me and the kind of musician that I hope to become. I definitely recommend her as a vocal teacher.

~ANNIKA (teen student)

"Each student is unique, a joy to know, to work with, and to help realize their full potential."
~Vykki Vox